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InField the name was inked with the vision to resolve the ever existing problem of manual attendance and sales/stock tracking in the day to day marketing industry. The company has come a far way ever since in resolving and helping all pain points and redundant processes in marketing. Technology plays a key role in identifying the variance from the expected pattern and in resolving it at the first occurrence. Our cutting-edge state of the art solutions have benefitted numerous businesses across multiple industries in significantly increasing their business value, operational efficiency and customer experience. These industries include but are not limited to Retail, Banking & Insurance, Consumer Durables, Real-Estate (Smart Cities) and E-Commerce.


  • Demonstrators
  • Promoters
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Audit
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Product Sales
  • Target vs. Achievements
  • Training and Product eLearning
  • Performance rewards
  • Stock reporting
  • GeoTagging and GeoFencing
  • Live picture upload
  • Push Notifications
  • Remote Enable/Disable the product
  • Auto-Mailer
  • Auto-Reminders

Field Force

One stop app for retail product marketing analysis and real time reporting of day to day activities. From Attendance monitoring to Stock reporting it does it all. Experience the workflow that is analogous to growth and has contributed to numerous success stories.

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